The Charms were originally introduced in 2012 as Kaiso Seals (Kaiso means Founder in Japanese) and were used exclusively by Seimei practitioners to extend the healing benefits of their “Quick Fixes” and Sessions. As experience with the seals grew so did the understanding of their capabilities. In 2014 they were reintroduced as Ma Ni Power Charms and made available to everyone.

Proof of Ma Ni Power’s Natural Ability:

Step 1:    

Pour 2 cups of wine from the             

same source and label them

‘A’ and ‘B’


Taste both cups of wine

They taste exactly the same                                                          


Before contact with the Charms, both cups of wine tasted exactly the same.

After contact, the wine in cup ‘B’ tasted different than cup ‘A’.

The Enlightened Buddha Nature in the Charms created a change. Ma Ni Power charms do have natural ability.

(Everyone’s taste buds are different so use any beverage you like. The more pure and simple the better the change - like Sake, organic cranberry juice, unsweetened tea or red wine. Carbonated and pasteurized products can be tougher to distinguish. Discover the ones that work best for you.)

Where Oh Where to Place the Charms?

Place them where you’ll get a result!

The three most common ways of using Ma Ni Power for healing are:

  1. D.I.Y. Charm Placement

  2. “Quick Fix” with Seimei Practitioner or

  3. Extension of Seimei Session Healing (as originally intended)

D.I.Y. Charm Placement

Common sense and the experience of others provide the guidelines.

Common Sense: Your knee hurts –

  • Put a charm on it.

  • Skin broken

  • Cover with a bandage

  • Place a charm on top of the bandage

Experience of Others: Your knee hurts –

  • Put a charm on it.

  • Skin broken

    • Cover with a bandage

    • Place a charm on top of the bandage

  • Plus – Place a charm on the bottom of your heart for better results … Why?  Because it works.

Seriously, somebody tried it. It worked. They shared it. Others tried it. It continued to work so they shared it. And on, and on, and on! Remember, using Ma Ni Power is only about experiencing change and acknowledging results.

D.I.Y. Applications

From what we’ve observed, the best results for placing the Charms yourself are on non-serious conditions that are less than two weeks old.

Knee Pain
Back Pain
Heart Burn
Sore Muscles

Foot Pain
Muscle Strain
Post Surgery
Tight Shoulders
Joint Pain
Stiff Neck

Minor Sprains
Foot Pain
Muscle Strain
Post Surgery
Tight Shoulders


  1. Remove a Charm from the package, peel from the strip, and place on the area of discomfort.

  2. Apply gentle pressure on the Charm to secure in place.

  3. Leave the Charm on for no more than three days; replace with a new Charm if needed.

  4. If you experience no change in the level of your pain:

    1. You can move the charm because it may be on the wrong point.

    2. Add a charm because more than one may be needed.

    3. Or, your behavior or activity is preventing healing.

  5. Still no Change – contact a Seimei practitioner for a “Quick Fix” contact a Seimei Practitioner


  1. Do not place charms on broken skin.

  2. If a rash or irritation develops, remove the charm immediately.

  3. Keep away from direct sun.

  4. Keep charms out of children’s reach.

Ma Ni Power charms make no medical claims to cure or prevent any medical condition. Please see a doctor if the discomfort persists.


“Quick Fix” Charm Placement

Your right knee hurts –

  • Having charms available,

  • You contact a Seimei practitioner with a smart device and share your symptom(s).

  • They establish a connection between your Buddha Natures.

  • Using the intuitive nature of Seimei

    • Scan your body and identify the strongest point(s),

    • Initiate a healing process and

    • Send an image showing where to place the charm(s).

(Notice red dots on right knee and lower side of left chest. If you can’t view images, they will walk you through it manually.)

How long the relief lasts depends on the cause. A recent cut, bruise or burn will usually be permanent. Pain from a chronic condition is most likely temporary.

Time: Usually around 15 minutes

Cost: $15.00