Using with Seimei
Nicola Bertolo

I arrived yesterday in Santa Fe after my flight had been cancelled, rebooked, and then delayed. I had a headache all that night and didn’t feel like I slept at all; I got up in the morning with the same headache; my right side was blocked and I was feeling really nauseous. I threw up, took a shower, scanned myself, and put a charm on my sternum, which was the strongest point. I did the full chant with Linda, and flapped for 20 minutes and the focus there was working on the coyote in Linda’s backyard.
After putting the charm on, I felt better, but still weak.
After chanting, I felt stronger. After flapping, I felt much lighter and had renewed energy.
So, if you are using the charms, make sure to use your Seimei afterwards, as this will enhance and integrate everything and you will be able to utilize the eternal aspect of yourself easier.
The disciplines of practical application, chanting and flapping were given to us from Hiraki to help us keep our Seimei moving which in turn helps us meet the challenges in our life. I urge you to try this at home for those of you using MaNi Power charms.
Try it two ways: put a charm on and go about your day. Then, next time, put one on and work on someone immediately after. See what a difference there is and let me know.

Non-Healing Sore
Michele Malinchak

If I had read the ‘Precautions’ about not putting a charm on broken skin, I wouldn’t have placed one on Fr. Gabe’s non-healing sore on his lower leg.  A nurse had been tending to it, and coincidentally the day he saw her was the third day when I told him to remove it. ”What’s this?” she asked. When he peeled off the charm, he couldn’t believe that the sore had completely healed (there was a tiny spot of blood on the charm).  I saw him today after Mass, and he showed me his shin—I couldn’t even find where the injury was! So I put another one over the spot and gave him some other charms, just in case. Amazing result, and he’s thrilled. Maybe we can put a charm on the Abbot to make him go away so Gabe can get back to Basking Ridge on Monday evenings.

Coughing Spasm
Margie Zalk

A few nights ago I was asleep and woke up about 3AM w/ a terrible pain in my chest and a deep, raw, wet cough. I couldn’t stop coughing and it really hurt. I staggered out of bed and put on a MaNi Power charm just at the top of my breastbone in the center where the pain was the strongest. Immediately, the pain started to ease and w/in a 1/2 hour, the coughing stopped and I fell back to sleep. The pain never returned and the next day I had just a light dry cough. Absolutely incredible!!

Gerry Meagher

At three in the morning, I woke up to discover that my 12-year-old dog May urinated in my bed in her sleep on Friday night. She was limp and barely breathing. I worked on her and we fell asleep. I woke up early and when I checked her, she had urinated again and was even worse. I worked on her and then went into my pocketbook to get my phone to call the Foundation to say I was not able to come when lo and behold I saw the MaNi Power charms. I placed one on her head and two on her kidneys. Within minutes she stood up and went to her bowl for water. I took her out and she urinated and had a bowel movement. She came back in the house and ate her food! It was mind-blowing and allowed me to go to Saturday’s class. I came home and she was acting herself. It goes on. Saturday night I took her for a late night walk. It was pitch black. A woman walking by stopped and asked, “What is that stuck to your dog?” “A MaNi Power charm” I replied. “Oh how interesting” “Yes”, I said, “I could give you a demonstration of how it works if you have any pain.” Needless to say, she had pain I took it away using my Seimei and she is coming to the workshop at The Edgewater Library.

Big Toe
Margie Zalk

I slipped in the bathroom on Thursday morning and took a bad fall.  I didn’t realize until later that day that my right big toe had been injured.  I was out of the house until about 9 PM that night so my toe continued to swell, was very painful, and I couldn’t bend or move it at all.  I was really limping at this point. When I got home, I put on a MaNi Power charm and went to sleep. The next morning, there was no swelling at all and no pain.  I could walk normally. I still couldn’t bend it, but nothing hurt. By Saturday, I could bend the toe. Without the charm, I would have had days of pain and swelling.  It was incredible!!

Bee Stings
Kathy Leone

Jack was stung by 2 bees last night.  One of the side of his face and the other one on the ring finger of his left hand. Jack is allergic to bee stings and can get really swollen for days around the site of the sting.  I pulled viruses from both locations for a while and then stuck a charm on his face. His face and hand had already swelled up. This morning when he got up, his face only had a little swelling but his hand where there was no charm was huge.  Fortunately he had no pain in either location. I credit MaNi Power as the reason his face didn’t swell like his hand.

Thank you Hongen.

Ear Infection
Barbra Anderson

Well I have never seen anything like this before: I have raised two children and lived through many an ear infection….

My granddaughter is visiting from Germany and has been dealing with an ear infection from about a week ago.

When she woke up this morning she was complaining that her ear was hurting, there were no signs of anything in or around her ear.

During the middle of the night I had given her a full session when she awoke at 3:00 am.

I spoke with Nicola and she recommended the charms. I placed several charms on Lily; one behind her ear, three on her intestinal area one on her heart and liver.

She didn’t seem to be uncomfortable anymore and we went to eat breakfast.

While sitting next to her during breakfast I noticed her ear. I could not believe my eyes…. Gooey liquid was draining out of her ear. The charms immediately caused the infection to drain from Lily’s ear. This is the most amazing visual confirmation of the power of Seimei and the power of our charms I have ever seen!

This is the Jyouka Blessings of Hongen, Hongen thank you for the Jyouka!

Charm Demo & Seimei Session
John VasKorlis

About 11:00 Friday morning I received a call from a client who wanted to order a 100 charms. He wanted delivery right away because he did not want to run out. He said he used a lot of them because he suffered from multiple chronic conditions and the charms made him feel better so he could sleep through the night. I asked him to place the order through the web site and that I would hand deliver them the same day (he lived only an hour away). I also offered him a Seimei session (www.SeimeiFoundation.org) to help improve his condition and show him where to place the charms for the best benefit. The customer is very familiar with Seimei and has been to a number of our public pain relief demos in Basking Ridge and our new home in Morristown. He readily accepted my invitation.

I arrived at the customer’s home around 2:00 pm. and gave him a Seimei full body session with a focus on his right arm for about 40 minutes.  Then, using Seimei, I scanned his arm and identified 3 points that would make him feel better. This customer has suffered with chronic conditions for years and is really tuned into changes in his physical condition. He enthusiastically agreed with my selection.

I then gave him a demonstration of the magic in Ma Ni Power Charms (I have my Charm Demo Kit with me at all times).  I poured about an ounce of unsweetened PURE LEAF™ tea from a sealed bottle into 3 plastic cups. The customer sipped tea from the first cup, noted the taste and put it on the side as the control sample. Next he picked up the second cup, touched it briefly to the charms. After just a small sip, he immediately noted it differed from the first. He then took the third cup, set it on the charms and with my coaching said “Please Hongen make this tea sweeter”. The tea was definitely sweeter than the control. Following my instruction he then completed the cycle by saying “Thank you, Hongen”.

The importance of the third cup was to demonstrate how to have the charms respond to a pure, positive intention i.e. “Please Hongen, have my joint be less stiff”. And after noting a change say, “Thank you, Hongen”.

Aching Knee
Carol Morris

Well, on Tuesday Tony & I went walking, just outside the town past the sunflower and corn and wheat fields, around our village of Issigeac, France. It took us a lot longer than we thought and so that night after going to bed, I woke with an ache in the back of my right knee at 3am. So I got up and placed a charm on the point of pain and half an hour later I was pain free and have been ever since. Thank you Hongen and the MaNi Power charms.
Au revoir Seimei family, I miss you all.

Cracked Heel
Nicky Anderson

I like to go barefoot and if I don’t put lotion on my feet the skin at my heels crack and are very painful. Then it takes about a week of intense moisturizing to start the heeling. In the meantime I walk with most of my weight on my toes. Last week when I got a cracked heel I put a charm directly over the crack. In 2 days the pain was gone and I was walking normally. I can still see the split but there is no pain. Thank you Hongen!

Danielle Aspromatis

“I’m currently in the second trimester of my pregnancy and around 20 weeks pregnant I started to feel unbelievable pain around my belly button on the inside of my body. Nothing would relieve it, it was difficult to stretch my body to normal posture, and one point would make a slight change but not big enough. Finally at the end of the day, I remembered about my charms and stuck a one right over my belly button...it did the trick! No more pain...and now I know what to do if it comes back!

Wart Removal
Carol Morris

I had a wart growing on my back, which was very irritating and rubbed on my clothes, so I decided to place a charm on it for 3 days. When the 3 days was up, I removed it and the wart dropped off. Three weeks on and I can’t even see or feel where it was.

Sore Throat
Figen Memis

I used my charmscharm this week. I woke up with a sore throat and immediately I was concerned that it would turn into a full-blown cold. I started taking vitamins and emergen-c drinks but I still had the sore throat and was starting to feel worse. Then I decided to use a MaNi Power charm in conjunction with my vitamins. I asked Radhi to scan me for points. I put one on my throat where I felt the soreness and two other places. I slept with it on that night. The next morning my throat felt 80% better. I took the charm off my throat when I went to work. Later that day I felt the soreness come back so that night I put a charm on again on my throat. Again I felt so much better the next day. I kept doing this for three nights and no more sore throat! I know that using the charms shortened my sore throat duration and prevented it from becoming a full-blown cold. Thank you Hongen!

Asthma Symptoms
Heather Austin

Aimon had been suffering with asthma symptoms. Recently it has taken him two weeks to recover from wheezing and he has to receive constant nebulizer treatments. Two weeks ago Aimon began having an asthma attack. We began treatment right away. After 6 days we came to Seimei and Aimon had wheezing. Radhi scanned him and placed two charms on his chest. As we drove home I noticed that his breathing was calmer and I didn’t hear crackling when he inhaled. For the next two days, I heard no labored breathing. That day we went to the doctor. He put the stethoscope to Aimon’s chest, searched, and simply said “I hear nothing. No more meds.” What otherwise is a two week process became about a week with the use of the charms on his chest. I couldn’t have been more elated and had more belief in Seimei and the reach of its power.

Emotional Trauma
Jack Haller

Yesterday my daughter was suffering from a big emotional trauma. She was crying and did not want to talk to anyone and just stayed in her room. I did a session on her long distance and afterwards I had her put a charm in the heart area, which was coming up as a strong point. Today she said to me that it made a huge difference for her and calmed her down last night. Today she was doing much better.

Seimei is amazing thank you Hongen!

Back Pain from Yardwork
Meg Scinto

I recently spent a few days doing extra yard work to prepare the yard for a needed project, lifting heavy items and pulling lots of weeds.  My lower back, which always responds with pain after extensive lifting, ached more than the usual pain level. Oddly the pain is more evident at night when I am in bed. While it usually subsides on its own after a few days of rest, by the third night I was awakened in discomfort and could not return to sleep.  At 3:30 AM I was tired of dealing with it and remembered the MaNi Power charms I had yet to use. I applied the charm to my lower back and immediately felt a calming come over me. I returned to bed and when I lied down, I didn’t feel the compulsion to check in to see how my back felt. I lied comfortably still without tossing and turning, being lulled back to sleep within a few minutes.  Over the next two days the pain went from greatly reduced to gone, my nights all restful.

Having the experience of a tiny, sticky charm bring needed pain relief is a true ‘not of this world’ experience!  It is not of our minds. It is all Seimei, Hongen, and MaNi. As Nicola told me after I mentioned I was waiting for a big reason to use my first charm, ‘Using a charm is like having Hiraki working directly on you!”  How precious and priceless an opportunity to have. I feel truly blessed, as always, to be a part of the magnificent gift of Seimei.

Hongen, MaNi, arigatou gozaimashita!

Demo Tool
Alex Bakos

When I was in Austin a friend took me out to lunch at a hotel. She has a constellation of health conditions and has really deteriorated in the past few years, which made me very sad to see.

Before even reaching the food line I pulled out a charm to put on her swollen hand. A waiter from across the banquet room rushed over to our table and said, “What is that?” “I can feel that from here!” Of course I had to give him one then. I did a demo and gave him one to put on his shoulder. By the end of lunch my girlfriend had no swelling on her hand and the waiter was singing a new tune. The charms have doubled my demo rate and I am so grateful to be allowed to use this tool to demonstrate Seimei in another way.

Lower Back Pain
Katie Fasciano

I spent all day yesterday doing Seimei at a street fair and I was kneeing on the pavement for some of the demos.  Unfortunately, I ended up with sharp lower back pain.  I couldn't bend, squat or get up or down from a chair or bed without a lot of pain.  I decided to use some charms to help reduce my pain.  I scanned my body and found a spot in my heart that needed a charm.  After placing the charm, I felt some of the excruciating pain go away.  Next, I placed one on my lower back.  Wow!  Now I could squat and come back up without pain!!!  Thank you Hongen!!!

29 Year Old Parachuting Injury
E. William Swan

I've had pain and dysfunction in my left ankle since a parachuting accident 29 years ago. The pain recently got more intense and during Kouken's last visit I used one of the MaNi Power charms on the most painful place on the ankle after our second training day. That night I went dancing and did not feel any pain or even think of it. The next day I walked barefoot for many miles and still no pain. I believe this old injury is actually healing this time instead of just slipping into numbness. It’s now day three pain with no pain and ankle is feeling strong. Thank you Hongen for the Jyouka, and this new and powerful way to amplify the results of using my Seimei.

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