Welcome to Ma Ni Power.

Welcome to having positive influence over many aspects of your life.

The mind enjoys complexity, relishes solving mysteries, and wants the sense of accomplishment that comes with understanding. The mind wants a challenge.

Using Ma Ni Power does not require understanding. Nor is it a system relying on beliefs. All that’s required is acknowledging results. That’s right; the process is so simple all you need to do is recognize that a change has taken place.

On the fourth Sunday of every month, the Hojushu Buddhists conduct an Enlightenment Ceremony in Saga, Japan. This ceremony turns “on” Buddha Nature (Western reference:  turns “on” prime matter, essence, soul, spirit, etc.). The two symbols printed on our charms are the ancient Sanskrit ideograms (Ma) and (Ni) which translate as “Wish Fulfilling Jewel” and represents “Buddha Nature”. This Buddha Nature is in everything animate and inanimate.

With its enlightened Buddha Nature, Ma Ni Power is like any other natural force and has innate power. The wind provides a cooling breeze and drives a sailboat; the flowing river provides silt for planting and irrigation for growing. Results occur through natural ability and harnessed ability. The natural ability of Ma Ni Power is used for healing and the harnessed ability is used for the advanced applications of wishing and discernment.

The charms are new. The power is ancient.